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Dear EasyFianceVisa,

I was very pleased to have hired EasyFianceVisa to assist me in filing my petition for a K1 visa for my fiancée. Your company's expertise in this field was way beyond what I expected. Easy Fiancé Visa did a fantastic job in assisting my fiancée and I get her K-1 visa. My fiancée, Lovely and I were pleasantly surprised how fast our application was processed without errors or request for additional evidence. The whole staff was friendly and always accessible when I had doubts or questions about anything.

Perry, the Philippine Specialist called Lovely to discuss the interview process with her even while he was on his vacation with his family in the Philippines. When he found out I was also in the Philippines visiting and waiting to go to the interview with her on April 15, Perry went out of his way to meet with us at my hotel in Manila. That showed me that the company really cares about their clients and they go above and beyond the company standards of emails and phone calls to make sure everything goes smoothly during the whole process. They give 200% of their time and effort to all of their clients.

Meeting K1 Applicants in ManilaI would highly recommend to anyone who needs reliable and affordable help with the fiancé visa process. We also decided to use to file her Adjustment of Status for permanent residency as well. My fiancé got her visa without any problems or delays and we are now happily married.

We can't say enough good things about this company because they made all our dreams come true.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Allen C. (North Carolina, USA) Lovely Dela C. (Makati, Philippines…now North Carolina, USA)

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Dear EasyFianceVisa,

Fiance Visa UkraineIn March, I flew from America to Mykolaiv Ukraine to marry my fiance Tanya. A few months before I left America to marry Tanya, I went onto the USCIS web site to read everything about what it was going to take to get my wife her visa and bring her to America. I found out very quick that I was going to need a lot of help to do this. I contacted a few immigration lawyers and saw that it was going to be very costly, and that these lawyers were really not too sure on all that was needed to be done.

I went on the internet to find some help when I saw EasyFianceVisa web Meeting K1 Applicants in Manilapage. I went on their web site and read a lot of testimonials and everybody had nothing but praise for them. I also went on the BBB web site a saw that EasyFianceVisa had a rating of an A+. I called and talked to one of the customer reps and was told up front want their services would cost. The price was very, very low and I was sent a list of all of the documents that I would need to get and was assigned my caseworker Maria. I called Maria before I left to go to be with Tanya, and she went over with me about all the documents that I would need to collect to send to her and everything that was going happen throughout this process.

I learned very early that Maria was very kind, understanding and very knowledgeable about this process. Anytime that I needed to talk to Maria, all I needed to do was call her and she would return any e-mails that I sent to her that same day. Maria was there for me from the beginning, to the very end. I knew everything that was going to happen throughout this process, even what to expect when it was time for me and my wife to go to the American embassy in Kiev, Ukraine.

Fiance Visa UkraineMaria asked me to call herafter our interview, and I did and she was very pleased to hear that my wife receive her Visa and was coming back to America with me. Maria was even able to get my wife her Green card and her Social Security card. It has been almost 2 years sense this all happened and now it is time for the Removal of Conditions to be taken off of my wife's Green card and for it to be renewed. Once again I have contacted EasyFianceVisa to help me with this process.

Again the cost is very low and Maria is my caseworker. I have talked to her and she went over with me about all the documents that she would need and she and I are e-mailing each other.

Thank You EasyFianceVisa for all of your help and a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! to Maria for making me and my wife very HAPPY!!!!!  

Robert and Tanya P.

Walton, Kentucky.      

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Meeting K1 Applicants in ManilaI joined up with EasyFianceVisa through word of mouth. I heard about their easy step by step method of walking through a process full of challenges and snags, was well worth the money. Simply put, this for us proved to be true. They also had experts on their staff (For example, Philippines experts on staff)  The format and forms processing was excellent as well. For example, forms sent to us via e-mail were thorough and complete, then we would scan them, fill them out send back for review then we would retrieve them again for hard signing. Next be sent on to gov’t agencies as deemed appropriate at the required time. It was so simple. If we did it ourselves there would have been serious delays and omissions as other couples had experienced; we learned through the forum chats.

The professional efforts by our case worker, Ms Maria was very good. She was simple, direct, and raised points needing to be emphasized for our application and more importantly, had answered any questions we had during the long process which unfolded through the following several months.

The collection of information could prove to be difficult. Such as for me, getting my old marriage divorce decree. EasyFianceVisa guidance was crucial in problem-solving this. Overall the staff proved both knowledgeable and savvy in integrating with homeland security concerns as they had arose.Meeting K1 Applicants in Manila

The process was much shorter in total length of time working with EasyFianceVisa than other couples had experienced with other agencies or by going it alone. For example, our K1 Visa was approved in only two months; which others on the forum found unbelievable.

In all, I met my fiancé in person on February 7th in Davao City, Philippines. We began working with EasyFianceVisa in April. By February 28th 2013 we received our Green card! And this included the secondary process of Adjustment Of Status phase; of which we highly recommend signing up. Our AOS green card issuance took only  2 1/2 months! Of course, this varies from case to case.

I would recommend EasyFianceVisa to anyone and not only will you have peace of mind but also experience inclusive speedy service as you go along. They proved "To Know" the system and how the game is played and what the government really wants or is looking for.

In short, I could never imagine being without EasyFianceVisa assistance and help for our successful conclusion or permanent Green Card status; which after all is what it is all about...isn't it??

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Fiance Visa K1 VisaDear EasyFianceVisa,

When I decided to petition for my then fiancée, Theresa, I searched many sites and agencies for the right person to help in the process.  I chose because they seemed to be the most knowledgeable and experienced, but also the most friendly!  They explained the whole process in a way I could easily understand.  I also thought they had the best fees and easy payment plan

The visa process went smoothly and was completed in a time manner just as they said it would.  My fiancée arrived in the U.S. and we married a month later. 

We decided to use to file her Adjustment of Status for permanent residency as well.  Again, they helped file the paperwork but Fiance Visa Testimonialthen we hit a road block when immigration wanted more evidence validating our marriage.  Immigration's request for evidence was extreme, intrusive, and very time consuming.  We feared she might not be granted her green card!  

We could never have responded to immigration without the help of  They helped us gather over 90 pages of evidence to submit to immigration.  Our approval for permanent residency was approved a week later, the green card received quickly thereafter, and we didn't even need to go through the required interview.  We believe that without we would still be waiting months or worse, Theresa would have had to return home.  Thank you so much for the extra time and effort you have spent on our case. 

I highly recommend them to anyone seeking visa help.  We can't say enough good things about this company because they made all our dreams come true.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mark and Theresa P.

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Fiance Visa Testimonial

I was very pleased to have hired your Office to represent me obtaining a K1 visa for my fiancée. Your Office expertise in this field was way beyond what I expected.

I read a lot on the internet and also contacted some of the best company's in this field. No one told me how fast this K1 visa would be process. This is due because your Office of experts handling my case.

My visa was filed on September 16th. Five (5) weeks later October 22nd my visa was approved. My fiancée received her notice for interview November 25th four (4) weeks later. That is a Total of Nine (9) Weeks talk about expedited this is truly because of your expert knowledge in this field.  This is why I chose you instead of the others. Thank you so much. I wish you make everyone you come in contact with as happy as me.

To your future costumers, I choose Easy Fiancé Visa because of their expert knowledge in this field. I am a teacher with a Master degree in Informational Technology. Being a professional in my field I do understand you always go to the experts in the field that one inquires about.  You will find no one on the web who knows more about obtaining visas.

Fiance Visa K1Easy Fiancé Visa answered every phone call. (I mean every call. I think I called too much). They were so nice to me. They did all the work by doing so I got my fiancé visa in 9 weeks.  The money they charge is not that much at all compared to others out there. I will tell you and them they are worth a lot more for their services.

Jimmy D. (West Virginia) & Raquel (Philippines)

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fiance visa

To All Potential Clients Of
 It was November when my girlfriend Marian Valentino (from Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines) decided to get help in processing a K1 visa for her to come to the United States so I could marry her.

First of all I met her online in 2005 through  We corresponded for about 3 years until her birthday in November of 2008 and I decided to take a trip to the Philippines to finally meet her in person.  The moment I laid eyes on her I was in love and we both knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our days together.

After getting home I saved up some money and after my visit to the Philippines I started shopping around for a company when I got back to the US that could help me with the immigration process of getting my beautiful fiancé here.  I found Easyfiancé's  website. 

They were the only ones who had a website that stood out above the others and indicated the steps that we had to go through in order to achieve my goal of getting my fiancé here.  They were also the most reasonably priced, so I called them & made my first initial payment to them. 

Mike and RenataThe good thing about EFV is that they worked with my budget.  Again, I gave them an initial down payment to start the process. They worked with me on a flexible payment schedule to achieve my goals.  They walked with me through the whole process of dealing with the government paperwork & embassy and USCIS appointments.  All worked out for the good without any headaches & on February 1st, my fiancé finally arrived in the United States.

EFV is the most awesome company and I highly recommend them to anyone who has fallen in love with someone outside the United States.  They will do good by you & work with you guiding you through the K-1 fiancé visa and Green card process as they did me.  As of 16 April my fiancé & I married thanks to EFV and all the efforts they put forth to get the love of my life here to the United States became a reality.
Thank You Perry & EFV for helping me achieve all of my dreams of getting beautiful Marian here.  Your efforts are highly appreciated & will be remembered for a lifetime!

Bob S. (Las Vegas, NV) &
Marian S. (Philippines…now living happily in Las Vegas, NV)


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Mike and Re at the Giants Game

Using EasyFianceVisa to handle preparing our K-1 Visa paperwork was without a doubt the main reason we were able to get approved as quickly as possible, with no delays or problems.

From the first call they had us gather all the documents and started right in on our file. The K-1 application was a lot more involved than we imagined and just knowing we could always call with any questions and that all our forms were filled out perfectly really gave us peace of mind through the entire process.

Mike and Renata



Hats off to the whole team at EasyFianceVisa...

WHOOOO HOOOOOOOO. we did it!!!


Your Friends,

Michael C. (California)
Renata L. (Brazil)

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Fiance Visa Alabama

Obtaining a visa for a foreign fiance is a stressful and complicated process.

It involves finding your way through a maze of paperwork and it's very easy to get lost. There are so many questions and very few places to find reliable answers.

Being separated from the person you love is very hard. Trying to work all week and then coming home to complete a mountain of documents without any assurance that I was doing them correctly was overwhelming.  I searched so many websites and asked advice from so many people who had been in the same situation, but I never felt true peace of mind until I contacted


Their staff was friendly and always accessible when I had doubts or questions about anything. My fiance got her visa without any problems or delays and now we are happily married.

I would recommend to anyone who needs reliable and affordable help with the fiance visa process.


Thanks guys.

Barry and Cheryl C.

(Alabama / Philippines)

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Fiance Visa and Marriage Visa Success

Easy Finace Visa did a fantastic job in assisting my fiance and me get our K-1 visa approval. Cheryl and I appreciate very much the outstanding service that they provided in getting us through the maze of government paperwork. It makes a huge difference to have "Pros" like Easy Fiance' Visa in your corner when starting the K-1 visa process.

I went to Davao, Philippines to meet my future fiancee in February. Upon returning to the U.S.,  I immediately began gathering information about filing for the K-1 fiancee visa.  Prices and timelines varied from place to place for securing a K1. A reputable Law Office on the Northside of Atlanta wanted $3,000 to $4,000 and gave a time estimate of nine months. Then another Office was a little less in price but said it would require anywhere from 12 to 18 months. Then I got very fortunate and found Easy Fiance' Visa online.

At first I was a little skeptical. Easy Fiancee Visa… this sounded too good to be true. They offered the best price and from the very first call to EFV assured me that I had made the right decision. They were absolutely true to their word. EFV quickly sent us a checklist of what documents would be required. It was a huge relief knowing that we had a fine group of  experienced "Pros" assisting us. Our petition was accepted by Homeland Security in April 2010. Then in June we were notified that the petition was approved and would be forwared to the National Visa Center. Then in July my fiancee was notified by the U.S. Embassy in Manila that she could schedule her interview. Then on August 25th she had her interview and was approved for her K-1 Visa. She arrived here on September 9th and we were married a week later.
Green Card Adjustment of StatusDuring this entire process EFV was there for us. Every call and question were addressed. We had a couple of small wrinkles but these were easily taken care of by the competent professionals at EFV. They were very easy to work with and let us know what was required every step of the way. I would recommend EasyFianceVisa to anyone seeking a K1 or K3 Visa.
We were so happy and satisfied with their service that we have employed them to complete the process by assisting us in obtaining a adjustment of status for my wife
. I was fortunate to meet my fiancee and then again fortunate to encounter EFV. Many thanks to the Professional staff at EFV for their assistance in bringing us together!

Mick and Cheryl
(Atlanta, Georgia and Davao, Philippines)

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