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Frequently Asked Questions

US Immigration is Very Difficult - That's Why We're Here!

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We're a Law Office that specializes in marriage-based immigration document preparation. We will take you through this marriage visa or fiance(e) visa process from 'Start-to-Finish'.

Here are a few questions nearly all of our clients ask. If you have more questions, give us a call.

"How Long Does it Take to Get My Wife/Husband to the USA?"

The CR1 Marriage Visa process is a three step process. The process begin in the USA and ends at the US Embassy in the country of your spouse. While processing time varies, most petitions are approved in the 8-10 month range.

"What is Better, A Fiance Visa or a Marriage Visa?

In short, it depends on what your circumstances are. A fiance visa is for someone who is engaged but is NOT already married to a foreigner. A fiance visa is generally faster to obtain than a marriage visa, usually requiring about a 6 month wait as compared to 8-10 months for a marriage visa. The fiance visa will cost less initially, but ultimately it requires an Adjustment of Status / Green Card application after your fiance arrives in America, negating any cost savings. An advantage to the CR1 Marriage Visa is that it is a temporary Green Card upon arrival, not requiring the additional filing with USCIS. Therefore you can begin your lives together in the USA without additional cost or paperwork.

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"My Fiance or Spouse is Already Here as a Visitor / Student / Employee Can They Stay?"

When someone comes to the USA with the 'intent to marry' on anything but a K-1 visa, it can be a tremendous problem. The government regards this as fraud and it could result in deportation. There are no shortcuts to legal immigration and the government can be extremely harsh when people try.

That said, in some circumstances your fiancé or spouse may be allowed to stay without returning home, but it is not easy. A consultation with one of our Case Coordinators will allow us to assess your case.

"Can't I Just File Some Paperwork at the Embassy Overseas and Bring Her Home With Me?"

Not anymore. The Direct Consular Filing (DCF) option ended a couple of years ago in all but a few rare cases. When US immigration ended full visa processing at the US Embassy, they forced all marriage based petitions to undergo domestic screening with the USCIS. The day of 'bringing your wife home with you' may be over, but when done properly the CR-1 / K-3 process can go rather quickly.

How Much Does it all Cost?

While a typical Law Office would charge $3000-$6000 for their fee alone, our one-time fee begins at only $1095. In addition, the USCIS filing fee is currently $535. Once approved, the financial affidavit processing and review by the National Visa Center (NVC) will cost $488. Your spouse will need to undergo a physical exam and obtain a police certificate, both costs vary by country. Please see our fees page for more detailed information.

"I Don't Live In California, Can You Still Help Me?"

Yes. Immigration is federal law and we are immigration document specialists serving Americans in all 50 states. With our Website Interface, we can see all of your required information as soon as you enter it. We use this and other technologies to speed up the process and make it easy on both you and your spouse. Of course, Call Us Anytime to discuss your case.

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The First Step to a Marriage Visa Begins With You

k3 Process Marriage Visa

The IR-1/CR-1 Visa is best known as a Marriage Visa. It is an immigrant visa for your foreign spouse. The process of getting the marriage visa is extremely detailed and not very forgiving from a legal perspective, but it is generally the only path to life in the USA for couples that are already married.

There is great deal of time that goes into making it all happen, so we try to make it as easy as possible on our clients. Below you will find a general overview.

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Step 1: IR-1/CR-1 Immediate Relative Petition

Before the immigrant petition can be filed with the USCIS, we must prove the following:

  1. You are a U.S. citizen;
  2. You are married to a non-citizen;
  3. You have a legitimate relationship with your wife/husband;
  4. You meet minimum financial requirements

We'll immediately help you identify the exact forms of proof we need to file the petition (marriage certificate, proof of your relationship, divorce papers, phone bills, tickets, etc..) making it as quick and easy as possible. Once done, we're ready to do Paperwork

Paperwork - We assemble the petition, we take care of completing and assembling the entire package, including all paperwork and personal documentation required to file the CR-1 Petition(s). We will assemble the completed petition into our proven presentation package. We will send it to the appropriate USCIS service center and help monitor it's progress for you. Because we prepare the package, we can ensure success with our
Money Back Guarantee.

We're a Law Office that specializess in marriage-based immigration document preparation. We will take you through this fiance(e) visa process from 'Start-to-Finish'.

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Step 2: National Visa Center

k1-Marriage Visa and Spouse Visa Requirements

Once the USCIS has accepted your CR-1 petition, they will evaluate it. After approximately 3-6 months you will receive notice of your approval. At that point the petition is transfered to the National Visa Center (NVC).

Now we must produce several more documents and forms for evaluation by NVC. NVC will review this filing, and if satisfied they will transfer your petition to the US Embassy in the country in which your spouse lives.

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Step 3 - US Embassy Interview / Visa Issuance

Once the Petition is approved by the NVC, the next step involves the spousal visa interview. We want to get you the quickest interview date as possible, so everything must be in order. Fortunately you can relax because you hired us. Whether it's the Visa application, Interview coaching, or preparing your Financials, we will be with you all of the way until your Fiance/Spouse has their Visa.