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The government issues a Conditional Green Card that is valid for two years initially. Once you have been married for two years to a US Citizen and with a Green Card, you are eligible to change the Conditional Card into a longer-term card. The new card will be valid for ten years.

The government allows us to file for the Removal of Conditions 90 days prior the expiration of your current card. It is extremely important to file within that 90 day window.

The cost of filing is as follows:

Homeland Security Fee: $680

Our Legal Fee For New Clients: $995

Our Legal Fee For Previous Clients: $895

The process typically only takes a few months to be approved. While it is rare, the government does say that it could take up to a year to process. Because of that fact, they issue a letter stating that your permanent residence has been extended by one year once we file. Therefore you will not be out of status during the processing.

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